About Us

About Us – What We Do

Universal Paragon Corporation was formed in 1989 and been managing major development project since its inception. UPC is an experienced property owner, operator and developer with existing assets in Northern and Southern California.

UPC has four major development projects in the pipeline. Development Agreements for these projects are approved by the respective agencies. Schlage Lock Redevelopment in Visitacion Valley, a brownfield site, currently transitioning to a transit oriented development (TOD) including retail, office and housing project on a brownfield; Executive Park, a mixed-use/housing project near Candlestick Point in San Francisco, and the Sierra Point Hotel Project – at the Brisbane Marina. The Brisbane Baylands, a 660-acre brownfield redevelopment project on a former landfill and railyard in Brisbane is currently going through the public approval process.

UPC incorporates innovative design and construction techniques in all of our projects to allow communities to grow while creating open space, improving transportation and mobility, providing local jobs, addressing housing needs and ultimately giving residents a higher quality of life.

Environmental sustainability is a core value that guides our projects – from conceptual design to property management.